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IAC Website Access Instructions

Please carefully read and agree to the following access conditions and privacy policy before accessing the IAC website ( Please do not access the site unless you agree to the terms and conditions.


We strive for the utmost accuracy in the information posted on the IAC website, which does not constitute a guarantee; we will not be responsible for any errors or problems between you and a third party arising from access to the website. We will not be liable for any software or hardware accidents or any other damage as a result of such use.


Copyrights to the content recorded on this website are vested in Imai Aero-Equipment Co., Ltd., except for some content by subcontractors, which will, in principle, be vested in them. You may download data or store or print data on your computer for your own use; however, you may not transfer such data to other websites or print media. Without the permission of the copyright holder, you may not, beyond copyright limits, use any of the content recorded on the website.


Product names, logos, and company names listed on the website are generally trade names and trademarks of their respective companies or their registered trademarks; you may not, without the permission of the right holder, use any of them.


We may send you cookies from our website to be stored on your computer; these cookies serve to improve your accessibility to the website, which by themselves are incapable of starting a program or sending viruses that cause damage; however, if you do not wish to accept cookies, please change your browser preference settings.

Privacy Policy

We respect personal information provided from you on the IAC website and seek to protect personal information; the following are our policies regarding your personal information.

Privacy Protection

It is normally not necessary for you to provide personal information, such as mailing address, name, and e-mail address, to access the IAC website. However, we have a Web page that asks for personal information for questionnaires or surveys to improve communication and to serve you better. Please note that we ask you to provide the minimum personal information necessary for our purpose and such information is provided strictly at your discretion. We have appointed a Control Manager to properly manage and prevent leakage of your personal information. We also implement appropriate and reasonable safety precautions against illegal access from outside and other risks such as loss, destruction, and alteration to protect personal information.

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