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Surface Treatment and Painting (Malaysia)

Technology and Quality of Trust

Workmen’s skill constantly producing high quality
products is trusted by customers worldwide.
IAC maintains excellent techniques for the special
manufacturing processes for structural aircraft parts,
which require high quality and reliability,
like non-destructive inspections, anodizing treatments,
chemical conversion coatings, and other paintings.
Surface treatment plant of IAC Malaysia is certified
by the aircraft manufacturer to perform the special processes
as well as certification by Nadcap.

Description of Operations

Vapor Degreasing

Equipped with a timer, temperature monitoring sensor, and cooling system meeting environmental requirements.

■ Vapor Cleaning Tank Capacity:
  5.6 m (L) x 0.9 m (W) x 1.8 m (D)
■ Max. Suspended Capacity
  to the Tank:


Metal Cleaning

Parts are transferred between tanks with the semi-automatic carrier.
Alkaline cleaning, alkaline etching, acid cleaning, and desmut treatment are applied prior to the penetrant inspection.

■ Tank Capacity:
  5.5 m (L) x 0.75 m (W) x 1.5 m (D)
■ The latest surface treatment agent tanks equipped with the temperature indicator and timer.

Penetrant Inspection
Application of water removable penetrants. Penetrant inspection of products using UV lamps in the inspection booth.

Use of the latest rectifier with built-in recorder for improved quality of the anodizing process.

■ Anodizing
  Chromic Acid Anodizing
  Sulfric Acid Anodizing
  Boric / sulfuric Acid Anodizing
■ Tank Capacity:
  5.5m(L) x 0.75m(W) x 1.5m(D)


Compatible with any painting media such as epoxy primer, high-solid epoxy primer, tank primer, polyurethane topcoat, etc.
The painting booth is equipped with a water curtain to maintain product quality.


Identification equipment (inkjet type) provides clear identification of the product.

Nadcap accredited Chemical Analysis Laboratory

Analysis of solutions and test pieces meet customer requests.

Capacity of Chemical Analyses
Salt spray test, Pitting corrosion and intergranular corrosion test, Testing of various chemical solutions
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