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Applicant Information

Job Description Machinist, engineering, production engineering, manufacturing engineering, quality control, production control, sales
Qualifications Graduates of high school, junior college (incl. special schools), or university (any majors acceptable)
Place Head office, Kani Plant, Mino Plant, No. 2 Plant, Jig/Tooling Plant
Working Hours 8:00 to 16:45 (Actual working hours 8 hours)
Starting Monthly Salary High school graduate: \164,000 -
Junior college graduate: \178,000 -
University graduate: \192,000 -
Bonuses Twice annually (July and December)
Wage Increase Once annually (April)
Holidays and Leaves Sundays and designated days by the company (113 days/year). Paid leave (according to the Labor Standards Act in Japan), Compassionate leave
Allowances Housing allowance, family allowance, commuting allowance
Social Insurance Health insurance, welfare pension insurance, unemployment insurance, worker's compensation insurance
Other Systems Retirement plan, employee deposit system, worker's property accumulation plan
Recruiting Process Aptitude test and interview
Contact for Employment Yokoyama. Administration Department, Imai Aero-Equipment Mfg. Co., Ltd. Phone: +81-58-389-2011
To contact the company from outside Japan, please call +81-58-389-2011
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