From the past to the future


The aerospace industry have been developing continuously on the forefront of science and technology.

We IAC have been dedicated to aircraft structural component milling, assembly, and Jig fixture design and production with a policy of “Challenge High Technology”.

In order to follow up a technological innovation, we have kept on equipping Higtech computers ahead of everyone else, We continue to pursue the blended solution of software and hardware for responding to the growing needs as a “technology-driven company”.

“IAC – the company who create the Future and Dream of 21st Century”.

Our mission is to make more contributions to related people happiness, industries and society.


President  Tetsuo Imai





Challenge High Technology


Since 787 continues to mark at high rate and 777X will transfer to production from development stage, An aerospace industries are considered as a growing business.

Many new manufacturing suppliers are raising up from many countries and looking for new business oppotunities. Especially SE Asia, South America and Africa are growing and becoming more aggressive, in those changing environment we IAC also need to change and show our value to not only Aerospace customers in Japan but also all customers and indutries looking for machined parts from the world.

Since the first day we established, we have been keeping our philosophy “Challenge High Technology”.

It means we IAC are always proud ourselves keeping challenge with our know-how in pass and the latest technology merged together.



Managing Director   Yoichiro Imai