High precision measurement using CMM(3D measurement device) for Drawing and 3D model


We IAC provide high precision measurement using CMM for drawing and 3D model.
To make CMM program by offline and perform auto-measurement, thereby ensuring measurement repeatability.


Please hand over the drawing/3D model to be measured and specify the number of measurement points and the format for submitting measurement data.
We perform 3D measurement, data summarization and deliver measurement data.



We own over 10 CMM(3D measurement devices) as Maximum table size 6.6ft(X) x 22ft(Y) x 5.2ft(Z)  <2.0m(X) x 7.0m(Y) x 1.6m(Z)>.
So Large Part Measurement is highly welcomed.
( 1 unit each 22ft, 7.0m, CMM at Gifu and Tottori )





*CMM(3D measurement devices) are regularly calibrated by manufacturer.