Why do you do business?
Because is work there ? Because is it your duty ? Because is it your life cycle ?…


What we need to consider is to maximize our profitability.


To run the factory, we invest enormous cost on employees, machines, facilities, buildings, land or others.
Maintaining human resources at peak is sometime considered as waste or aggressve in market.
High ratio of labor cost would be an obstruction to step forward from where you are.


We IAC can trouble shoot them.
To Share your shortage is what we can offer
from project start-up to your current project Kaizen improvement.



Our total solution consisting of 5 pillars can fill your periodic or temporary force in order to take another business opportunity in front of your eyes. Save Time, Use Us.


  • Mass Pro / Trial Parts
  • Custom-Made Cutting Tool
  • NC Program / Verification Sub-Con
  • CMM Program / Inspection Sub-Con
  • Fixture Design / Fab



Mass Pro / Trial Parts

From our manufacturing history of Aerospace Component Parts and Semi-con Chambers, your urgent parts are highly welcomed.

You can order from 1 single piece in Short Lead-Time


Our Strengths

  1. Complex-Shaped Parts
  2.  Closed Die-Forged Parts
  3.  Max. 10m Long-Length Parts


   Hard Metal & Soft Metal



Custom-Made Cutting Tool

For complex shape, For high-efficiency machining,

IAC custom-made cutting tool can break your technical wall and break yesterday’s cycle time record.

It is made of Carbide.


Choose your own

  • Shape( T-Slot ① / Sphere ② / Taper-Ball ③ / Endmill ④ )
  • Length ( Wide Variety )
  • Piece ( from 1 to what you want )





NC Programming / Verification Sub-Con

When you decide Process Plan, the Profitability of that project is also determined. Your project can be smarter with our outsourcing.

More than 30 NC programmers are belonging to IAC.
Highly experienced persons and skills can support any type of your project.
Confirmation is processed through Catia to Vericut.


You can select human resources from

  • Japan / Highly experienced…Ability to Various Parts
  • LCC   / Lower Cost …Rolling Similar Category


Also, IAC can support to build Post Processor and Machine Simulator.


Utilize our engineers as your contractual workers in our office.

You can educate our engineers in your company color for maximizing profitability.



Fixture Design / Fab

IAC are capable for both Designing and Fabricating Fixture from a part fab use to GSE.

Our Fixture department can cover your vertical start-up to ramp-up requirement.


     We offer Fixture Work for

    • Part Fabrication Use
    • With Vacuuming
    • Assembly
    • Inspection Tool
    • Material Bonding
    • Workstand
    • Dolly Trailer
    • Ground Support Equipment


    Design only is fine.


    Not only in Aerospace,

    but also in Other Indutry.


    Vacuuming Machining Fixture
    H 50 *W 800 *L 2000mm
    0.2 *2.6 *6.6 ft

    Panel Assembly Fixture
    H 2500 *W 2500 *L 6000mm
    8.2 *8.2 *19.7 ft



    CMM Program / Inspection Sub-Con

    Over 10 CMM machines and Inspectors who have measured various parts can close your final process on your behalf.
    In your company, are your inspectors making CMM program on teaching with CMM? Do you measure by shifting for big parts? Don’t you think this is waste of your time?


    After receiving MODEL, we can offer CMM programming, CMM inspection, and make reports as you wish.


    • Short Lead Time
    • 7000mm (22 ft) * 2000mm (6.6 ft) 
      CMM table size



    Message from IAC

    Our aim and dream is to support your project start-up and your current project Kaizen improvement.
    You can both select single piece work indivisually or total work solution together.

    5 pillars are able to be customized as you like.



    We IAC are greatly honored to support and improve your profitability.

    Your work is an achievement from the customer thus need to be earn profit.
    Let’s minimize in-direct cost, and maximize your profitability together with us.
    Feel free to give us your message for more specific details.

    Save Time, Use Us.